Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sumary Minutes of Skype Conference January

Summary Minutes of Skype-Conference on 26.1.2007

Michelle, Claudia, Wiebke

Discussion of a preliminary list of things to be done in order to structure our group. The changes proposed are integrated in the document below, tentatively entitled “Permanent Structures of ISA Juniors Sociologists’ Working Group”. Major change following Michelle’s suggestion: instead of distributing tasks, establish committees.

We decided to proceed as follows:

- reformulate and complete the below document “Permanent Structures of ISA Juniors Sociologists’ Working Group” and circulate it among the three of us for further modifications if necessary (Wiebke).

- look at ISA statutes and find out what we can expect from them once we get recognized as a working group, in terms of structural, institutional and financial support. The Communication Committee should possibly receive some funding for the administration of the website etc. (Claudia)

- Integrate this information into the “Permanent Structures of ISA Juniors Sociologists’ Working Group”-document

- write an email to the president and taskforce group explaining to them that we are about to set up our permanent structures and ask for support according to the statutes. Indicate to them that we would like to plan a PhD lab this year.

- once we have the support from the president and/or taskforce confirmed, circulate the “Permanent Structures of ISA Juniors Sociologists’ Working Group” to the group via the mailing list and hope we find enough volunteers to fill the Committees with at least one person.

- start a campaign to recruit new members and integrate them into the existing structures (should possibly be undertaken by the committee in charge of membership recruitment)

The planned PhD lab could, in addition to being a training opportunity for an international group of PhD students, provide us with a forum to meet again and discuss the whole process and future of the working group with the larger group; provide us with opportunities to recruit new members. Ideally, participants of PhD labs should automatically become members of our working group and participate in organising the upcoming PhD lab.

- Michelle will meet M. Wieviorka upon his visit to Stanford and personally clarify questions which might arise during the process.

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