Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summary of Skype conversation May 2007

Summary of Skype conversation Claudia and Wiebke, 12.5.07

We agreed it was important to realize the following concrete steps now:

- creation of an email-address to which interested people can send their inquiry and ask to become a member. This should be done before we send the announcement of creation of our group to the ISA-newsletter, so that the new address can be included into this announcement. Claudia will send a specific email to those of the membership recruitment group (Chupe, Bolaji, Thomas) to ask them to create this email-address, if possible within one week.

- Wiebke will send an email to Brian to inform him on this procedure and ask him to wait until we got the email-address so he can include this into the announcement. It also came to our mind that it could be useful to include the criteria for membership into the announcement, so we don’t have to check for each interested person. We would then ask Brian to circulate the announcement to the whole group and ask them for feed-back with a delay of ten days. After ten days the announcement can be sent to the newsletter-people, asking them to publish it in the next ISA newsletter.

Wiebke will send an email to Michelle, asking her to recontact Thomas on the budget, as she was in touch with him on that matter before. She should explain to him that it would be extremely useful to have the budget within a week’s time, so we can send it to the ISA

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