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Minutes April 2007

Minutes skype meeting Junior Sociologist Network

April 6th 2007

Michelle and Claudia

  1. Send and email out explaining the group the status of the situation. Explain people that we need a certain commitement with things to be done. Work on a list of things and according to people’s committment to the committees, ask how much people can committ


  1. administration

a) Committees

how to establish a point committee between the committees so that group of people, who could be of one people from each committtes, can update everyone on what is happening in ecah committee


how to handle membership

  1. website

  1. work on a budget. How to present it to ISA and to other funding institutions? Thomas offer himself to work on this. Contact him and ask him if he can work with other person from the group on a budget. The idea was to work on this budget and have it ready to attach to the revised proposal we sent to ISA, so they can consider it in their May meeting

  1. Brian offer himself to write a short summary based on the Juniors geneal proposal to send to Izabela so she can publish the Juniors group at the Isagram and E-Bulletin. Brian hasn’t got back to us on this. Contact him on this issue.

  1. Answer to Nikita from the Junior task force

Answer him that it is not our real goal to have undergraduates in our group. So, they can take the lead on that. We are more interested in graduates and PHDs and also young sociologists in general, as well as practitioners. Actually, tell him that we don’t have the man power to deal with such an amount of memberships.

The other issue he refers to is the fact we are asking for a representation at the Executive Committee. He said that WG, RC dont have that representation. First we are none of those and second it was ISA suggestion for us to have that representation at the Executive committee (it is actually written in the email Izabela wrote to us as the answer to our proposal from the ISA committe. Quoting:

- your point Integrate an ISA member representation
It suggested that your candidates stand for regular elections to the Executive Committee
held at each world congress of sociology
(ISA first response to our proposal, email from Izabela on 14th February 2007)

  1. some time ago Claudia sent an invitation to the all group asking if there was someone interested in submitting paper for the E-Bulletin. No one answered. So, we are going to answer Vineta and Devorah, thanking them for the interest, saying that we haven’t received any submission, but that we will continue to promote and incentivate people to get proposal in the future

  1. Keep in mind that we need to contact Arturo Rodriguez (from the Executive Committee at ISA) in order to get involved in organizing the PHD lab. But we thought that we should wait until our structure is more organized so we can assure that we have people to deal with this.

  1. Wiebke suggested some time ago to try to meet with the Executive Committee. Claudia and Michelle discussed this and thought that perhaps this was not the right time. We should try to meet with them in the future and if we have someone near by, we could certainly send a representative, but .... Is that the case? Is there someone nearby who will be available to meet them?


(concerning A) Claudia is going to summarize the situation in an email, get feedback from Wiebke and Michelle about the email and send it to the group

(concerning B) Michelle is going to contact Thomas in order to get the budget issue going

(concerning C) Michelle is going to contact Brian and find out what happened to the shori summary. Then, after having the summary, she would send it to Izabela

(concerning D and E) Claudia is going to answer Nikita and Vineta and Devorah about the E.Bulletin

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