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Meeting of Junior Sociologists at South African Sociological (SASA) Conference,

Meeting of Junior Sociologists at South African Sociological (SASA) Conference,

Potchefstroom, 27.6.2006

Present: Wiebke Keim, Tembeka Ngcebetsha, Chupe Serote

First we talked about what had been going on so far and ensured that the three of us are at the same level of information. Afterwards, the discussion turned mainly around Membership recruitment and administration.

Membership Committee starting its work:

Chupa and Tembeka agreed to take over responsibility for the membership recruitment and administration, together with Florence who could unfortunately not come to the SASA conference due to lack of funding. However, Chupe is in touch with her and Wiebke also spoke with her on the phone. Chupe will contact her when back in Cape Town.

Chupe, Tembeka and Florence as our Membership Committee will set up their own emailing list to ensure that communication around membership circulates in that committee. They will however circulate information of general interest to the common juniors’ mailing list. They should inform Bolaji as well, who volunteered to form part of the Membership Committee.

The email address Florence installed ( will serve as a means of contacting the Membership Committee. They will then send a standard welcome letter together with our statutes, the list of committees and subcommittees and information on how to register with ISA to newcomers.

Concrete measures to boost membership:

Chupe will email the announcement for the creation of JSN to all sociology departments in South Africa, via the SASA list.

Tembeka has circulated a list to all juniors present at the SASA conference to collect their contact details. She will email the list to Chupe who will email them the announcement, the statutes etc.

Contact of Membership recruitment to ISA:

The Membership Committee will administer contact details of new members. New members will need to register with ISA. It was agreed that we should ask Izabela at ISA to:

a) make an entry into the electronic ISA membership form so people can register directly with our network through that form

b) to reduce fees for new members, eventually to register them free of charges for the first two years.


We can congratulate Chupe who got elected into SASA council as well as Simon who is now SASA president!!

For a generational shift in social science research!

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